A Pinterest Guide in a Nutshell

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It is nothing new for digital marketing professionals to realize the significance of understanding the analytics reports. As social media marketing is also a part of digital marketing, studying the analytics reports is also essential for the same. The social media marketing experts in OKC state that this is a process which needs careful evaluation of the contents that performs well. Here, in this article, as Pinterest is on our focus, we would discuss the analytics in reference to Pinterest.

Analytic Requirements for Pinterest

1. In order to get started with Pinterest, you need to make sure that it is a business account. You can convert the same easily and after that, you can access the native analytics and the ad campaigns.

2. Claim your website next. It helps to verify the site and show the profile picture. Verify your website with Meta tag or HTML file.

3. After these basic steps, you can make it easy for the users to pin by adding a save button. It helps in identifying the pin that is bringing referral traffic to the site.

4. Add tags to monitor others reaction after viewing your promoted pin. Add rich pins to provide more information about the product or service you are promoting.

It is important to know the Pinterest terms to use it successfully for your business promotion. There are several tools also which will help you understand it better. Here, the social media marketing professional in OKC briefs up the terms for you.

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Growth of Audience

Like Twitter, it also has the same pattern of followers. Someone will be counted as your follower if your account is followed, not your posts. But you will get notifications whenever someone follows your board as well. With the help of the two tools over there, ‘Items Following’ and ‘Total People’ you will be able to study the analytic. This will tell you how good your journey is so far.

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There are tools that can help you understand your consistency in Pinterest, average pins a day and many others. An excessive gap between two pins and very less gap both can indicate the time to reevaluate the strategies. It is a long-term platform used by the brands. It demands your patience and consistency. You can’t drop 10 pins together and don’t pin at all in next one week. Consistency is the key.

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Individual Pin’s Performance

You can also use some tools to analyze the performance of each pin. The comments under it and the saves will tell you about the performance of the same. Now check your saved pins. You can also check the number of people for those saved pins. You should save those pins which already have high saves. Clicks are also notable as it will take the audience to your study and you will get traffic from there. You can look at the clicks and analyze the engagement.

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Profile View

In your profile, you will come to see the impressions and the viewers. Impression becomes stronger the more it is showed in the feed. It increases the pins’ visibility for more audience and fetches more traffic. The viewers are the followers of your latest pins. Looking at these two statistics, you will understand the engagement for your pins. If the viewers are high but impressions are low, be sure that you have to work on your SEO. Impressions matter as for the same; the pins are shown in the search engine. Also, you can follow the top pin impression boards. You can get inspiration from them and restructure your strategies for improvement.

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Website Pins

By claiming your website, you will find out the highlights on your site that the users will find useful. If you have pinned a post on Pinterest and while studying the traffic, you have got comments and views on the same, it is very possible that someone has pinned the same from your site.

Using Pinterest as one of the important pillars of brand promotion is not an easy job. You will require an expert hand of social media marketing in OKC to perform this successfully. Call us, Spark Creative, the team of proficient digital marketing professionals and get it done easily.