Advertising on Reddit – The Top Six Tips

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For any brand, no matter how big it is, marketing is always challenging. For small or startup companies, it is to create their foothold, for the biggies, it is to maintain their brand credibility. Amongst the buzz of social media advertising, all the SEO gurus now swear by Reddit. You will get the right followers here, no fake profiles and no fake followers. Having said that, it would be utter foolishness we do not know how to market products using this tool. Here we will discuss the top six tips used by social media marketing experts in OKC.

Reddit – Use It

Even though it has so many similarities to other social media channels, Reddit is still unique in its own way. Try to learn about the nuances of Reddit, for example, Reddit Culture. Understanding every nook and cranny makes it easier when you start using it. Moreover, understanding this tool will help to get the best out of it. Finally, it will impact your branding.

Social Media Marketing OKC


Subreddits organize Reddit, they are individual communities formed around a particular subject. Different users manage different subreddits and they can set their own rules. As a result, different subreddits have different focuses and vibes. Reddit is supportive of subreddit based ad-targeting. Marketers make Reddit based targets on users’ interest. For the best results, marketers will want to take advantage of the opportunity they have for selecting the specific subreddits.

No Fancy Tools and Analytics

Reddit is more focused on making money, the changes on the self-serve ad platform stand for it. But some marketers are more interested in the features and need it to be more mature than basic ones to create more business. For the marketers who already give this tool ample time, it is surely a blessing for them.

A Realistic Approach

This is certainly not the place for over-polished or over-dramatic advertisements. Imagine yourself as the viewer and make it something that does not look artificial.

Social Media Marketing OKC

Lure, If You Can

Lure redditors with special discounts or other promotions that can elevate interest. Here also you have to save the BS.

The Perfect Ad Type

There are two types of ads, link ads and test ads. Both are useful and you have to know your type. As the name suggests, the link ads open URL or direct the users to the URL. Text ads are linked to a reddit post. Both are quite effective, but the social media marketing experts in OKC always suggest finding your type of advertisement that will go the best with your service.

You should be prepared for feedback. If you do not get optimal results, be sure to change your game plan. Yes, return on investment cannot be guaranteed but at least you can anticipate future days. Depending on how you proceed, you should put more concrete effort in. To do it on your behalf, call Spark Creative, to use all the opportunities scattered in the fields of social media marketing in OKC.