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Through partnership with Prodigal Management, the ownership of the OKC Energy FC, we have had the honor of helping the team present its gameday experience and stream video production since before the first game ball presentation.

Spark provides and manages both on-site production team and equipment needed to meet the in-stadium broadcast and online broadcast video and archival requirements of the USL and Energy FC.

Throughout the seasons from Bishop McGuinness to the newly remodeled historic Taft Stadium we have faced each challenge as an opportunity to learn something new. Our answer isn’t often “no” but rather “let’s try our best” on every request or new idea. For example, a sponsor recently wanted us to do a pre-game stream to Facebook showing player interviews as they drove around on giant field maintenance equipment. It ended up looking great, got great viewership, and both the Energy and the sponsors were happy…plus we got to throw in a few extra graphics along the way to go above and beyond.

No matter the elements outside (rain and camera equipment don’t play nice together) or the stress that comes from the thousands of fans expecting a top-level in game experience we continually innovate such as the 360 Virtual Reality feed we introduced. We push boundaries seeking to be the first in the nation trying new things for a USL team that enhance the experience and elevate the beautiful game.