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Gaillardia Country Club

As a country club, Gaillardia is about two things: elegance and tradition. Our challenge with Gaillardia when we first began working with them was that it was right before they entered into bankruptcy, emerged from receivership and had new owners and new staff. So having worked briefly with the previous staff we were already getting to know a new team and learning to work with them to help the club present a new image of a modern day country club while fighting against any negativity from the previous owner and issues. As members as well, we love Gaillardia and the many offerings they provide with a level of service that is exceptional no matter the ownership or struggles.

As we worked with Gaillardia to improve their marketing and quality of content as they came out of receivership, we couldn’t be happier that today their club and membership are thriving. They are close to capacity on some membership levels and the events we have taken on for promotion have reached record attendance.

Visual imagery is a vital element of what we do. It’s not just taking a great photo (on a sidenote the new smartphones take stellar pictures) but it is the purpose and thought behind each one. Finding the right people…for the right shot…at the right time. Then making sure that the message we need to convey with Gaillardia is what is being told. Additionally with Gaillardia, we work on their newsletter and e-mail marketing design, layouts and video production. So we need to make sure we can use as much content from as little interference and handholding from the club as possible.

Designing, testing and re-designing over time is what makes the work we do for Gaillardia most effective. We continually do A/B testing with different groups to see which style or look is more beneficial. We vary up the design after a period of time so that content is consistently inconsistent. The heart of the club stays the same even while the message style or look may change.

Content for Gaillardia has been used for other properties in the Concert Golf family. One of the promo items we executed from concept to completion was the video to promote their White Out Party. This event kicks off Summertime at the club each year and had been steadily attended for many years. The goal was to increase attendance, add some fresh energy to the event and increase excitement. So we partnered with one of our other clients (who is also a member) and engaged their staff to star in a fun promo video. The video got insane amounts of eyeballs on it and the attendance increased significantly…plus it was just one heck of an awesome party!