Immediate Release


Christopher Lloyd and Kris Murray Welcome Casey Cornett as Partner, CMO

OKLAHOMA CITY (December 10, 2020) – Cornett Marketing Founder, President Casey Cornett and Spark Creative / Scissortail Media CEO Christopher Lloyd and CVO Kris Murray have agreed to a merger, bringing Cornett on as Principal and CMO of Spark Creative / Scissortail Media.

“Spark Creative’s growth as an agency over the past four years has taken us from a handful of great clients and employees to now 20+ employees producing award-winning results for recognizable clients local, statewide and national,” said Lloyd. “Cornett’s digital marketing background brings a fresh full-funnel marketing approach to which our clients and team will benefit immediately.”

Cornett got his start successfully leading clients through digital channels on social media, leading a team of social media experts to regional awards for measurable results-based planning. The full-funnel marketing approach Cornett uses takes a deep dive in data and analytics, helping to narrow down targeted audiences; leading them through brand awareness, education-based content and engagement with the brand to ultimately lead to conversion-based measurable results.

“Managing Cornett Marketing these past few years was truly a dream come true, but the chance to work alongside a team this talented was an obvious next step in my career,” said Cornett. “Getting to help lead a team of graphic designers, EMMY-winning videographers, social media and digital media experts all collaborating to execute strategic annual plans was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

“Cornett’s reputation in developing and leading teams to marketing success is well-known in Oklahoma,” said Murray. “Few people in this region have as much proven experience working in digital marketing, and when we talked about the opportunity with him we would ultimately find ourselves talking for hours. This partnership is going to be special, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him onboard leading Spark Creative’s marketing efforts.”

Spark Creative’s formation in June of 2016 combined an extensive video production background with enterprise software development and digital focused marketing.  The Spark Creative model of providing consistent, ongoing creative agency services at an affordable rate to serve businesses resonated with the community.  Spark Creative continues to operate with the mindset of a team member for clients serving with excellence and transparency at the forefront, focusing on creativity, innovative thinking, and winning solutions.

Ever growing, the acquisition of video production house Scissortail Media in 2018 allowed for enhanced storytelling abilities.  Scissortail Media utilizes the StoryCraft process to craft authentic, powerful stories that make an impact.  Operating as a standalone brand with the full resources of Spark, Scissortail Media tells engaging stories through powerful videos.  Scissortail Media specializes in engaging character driven stories and impact focused distribution.

Spark Creative and Scissortail Media provide creative business building ideas and marketing solutions to help push forward client growth with accountability.  Spark Creative and Scissortail Media approach client marketing needs focused on solutions with an emphasis on results, incredible storytelling, compassion, and excellence.