Media Strategies in Nutshell for Effective Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing OKC

With the advancement of the technology and changing habits of the people, the way of promoting a business has also developed many changes. The digital marketing experts in OKC remember the old days when they delightfully stuff the keywords in the contents to boost the ranking and blindly asking strangers to join the email list for several promotions.

These are all past. Now, these methods are replaced with sophisticated and vigorous algorithm. These brought in a revolution in the entire industry with the combination of art and science. The popular search engines, AI, bots and others were also a part of this wave of evolution, a new approach is needed for uplifting your business.

Here comes the converged media strategy. This is basically a marketing plan that consists of owned, paid and earned media strategies. Each of the types has its own goal, purpose and expectation. The goal as a whole of converged media strategy is to drive more traffic, grow audience and establish the authority of the brand.

Digital Marketing OKC

Paid Media

This alludes to all the digital activities where you have to buy the place for your advertisement. For bringing more popular leads to your brand and bring new prospects, this one is used. No matter what platform you are on, you have to pay for posting your advertisement. This includes search ads, social media ad and display ads as well. The CPA, ROI, CTR, CPC, CPT everything is a part of this section.

At a more advanced level of this, you will be able to grow potential audience for the business and to establish and secure a position of the company in this market.

Digital Marketing OKC

Owned Media

It incorporates the platform, digital assets or any online property you own. This means the content of your site is not controlled by any other but you. This web property is uniquely yours. This includes search engine optimization, content marketing, and organic social media. These all work together to increase the web visibility of the company and boost the traffic on it. The content marketing with the relevant content and keywords are posted on several platforms so that it can present the information in front of the viewers and get shared fast. The organic social media followers are always preferred by the digital marketing experts in OKC. Make the post so engaging that people react, share and comment on it.

Digital Marketing OKC

Earned Media

This is basically a free publicity. For this one, you don’t need to pay anything for your business or online website. It is generally attained by the press mentions, tags, hashtags, positive feedbacks, link back to the content and many others. The relationship with the digital publishers, influencers and journalists also play a crucial role in it. The key earned media metrics include mentions, articles on it, publicity value, domains, references, trusted, positive reviews, backlinks and many others.

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