Win Your Viewers’ Heart Via Scripted Video

Video Production OKC

A video is meant to build trust and confidence among customers and it delivers a message in a more authentic way. There are a plenty of video making styles, some follow an interview style, and for some, it is like a clip, some follow a scripted version. Sometimes, the type of video depends on whom it is going to be published for, what the platform is etc. For example, if it is health related, a scripted approach is better. In Oklahoma City, people tend to follow both, but here we will be discussing the different types and how one can win trust with them.

Video Production OKC

An Interview

The video production houses in OKC make sure that the interviewer outlines the questions before asking on tape. They can either follow a casual style to elicit answers or they can opt for a more formal style. Only a very small amount of the film will actually be used once it is finally edited, so the interviewer has plenty of time and options to try out different approaches.

Though it sounds easy, they need both the skills of speaking and interviewing. The questions should be well framed; making them engage the speaker. If both or either one seems not interested, the energy will drop, and the video will not be able to hold the viewers.

The interviewer also needs to understand video editing, so that they can drag the conversation in a way that can help the editor to cut the film.

Video Production OKC

Scripted Video

There are a lot of situations where scripted videos are more suitable and video production houses in OKC choose it most.

To the Point

Sometimes it is essential to make things on point. Viewers open a video following the title. The viewer then gains interest in it and they only want to hear and watch according to the title. If you broaden the topic and talk about something else completely irrelevant to the title, does not match it or does not justify the title, viewers will not take continue to watch.

Creativity on Focus

Sometimes you need to be more creative when scripting a video. If there is any dramatic turn to your data and story, you better go creative to numb this effect. Do not always be humorous as it does not always go with the topic.

The Right Voice

You should determine who is going to do the voice over or going to give voice to the video. You can hire professionals for any fictional scene to make a more genuine and impactful connection.

Video Production OKC

Participation Of A Real Candidate

You can ask a real candidate for the video to lend a hand. This makes the information provided more trustworthy and genuine. This participation will show real-life spirit in front of the camera or through the voiceover.


After finalizing the video with post-production, show it to a select group of people to see their reactions. You can hand over the responsibility of this to a team member to decide everything – from professionals to scriptwriter. Sometimes from whom you expect the least, shows up with the most outstanding result. It is the trump card of a video production house in OKC to provide the unthinkable.

Video Production OKC

The Dominant Person

You should choose the person who creatively dominates other. Try to find out someone who is accomplished in every way and who are not bound by internal politics. They know how to think unconventionally and to put that into action. Be brave and follow your instincts.

What About The Advantages

A scripted professional video increases interest. People are more into the video when you choose professional actors or presenters and when the script is emotionally engaging. You have plenty of options when it comes to choosing voices. You can either choose a professional or hunt inside your organization. It takes less time to reach viewers and creates right on the note dialogue that can become famous!

Video Production OKC

Spark Creative, one of the celebrated video production houses in OKC always prefers scripted videos as it always creates more authenticity. Let your imaginations wild, follow the topic of video and make a video the way you want it to be –all you need is a professional helping hand. For everything in this field, Spark Creative is there to help you out.